Most people create accent features in a room with colour, but trying this with texture gives a much more interesting look. We like to approach the idea of texture as story telling, creating layers of texture in a room to add instant impact.

Wall panels of wood or fabric are easy ways to create an immediate statement. It’s about thinking beyond the obvious – it’s not just artwork that can be hung on walls for interest – we often use stucco effects, 3D wall panels and textured paper to give walls some lift.

It is important to vary matte and high-gloss surfaces – introducing glass, metals or mirrors increases the feeling of light and space. Reflective surfaces are fabulous at bouncing light around a room, so we often suggest these for darker areas of the home as well.

Collect textured accessories – a walk on the beach can yield some beautiful décor items, such as shells, pebbles, coral and driftwood – and place in a large glass bowl as a striking centrepiece. It is important to always have some element of nature in a room, whether it’s a plant, or natural wood, or seagrass rugs, it gives the room a sense of balance.

Combine different types of flooring in one room – wooden floors look and feel great with deep pile rugs, while low-pile dhurries introduce an ethnic touch to a room.

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